Who we are?

Who is behind Easyquransite.com? Easyquransite.com is non-partisan organization, we are not part of any group ,Islamic organization or mosques. We welcome all students wishing to learn Quran. Easyquransite.com comprises of a small team of devoted workers from project management , engineering department and tutors .This team works under the guidance of many of the Ustadhs; facilitating our Muslim brothers and sisters with quality services interested in learning the Holy Quran.

Our Teachers:

We have experienced teachers well equipped fully with the knowledge of Quran and Hadith. All our teachers can also teach Quran to English speaking students .Our teachers teach on full time basis and come daily in the office's teaching department. Our teachers are not only chosen just for their knowledge, but also for their expertise in the interpretation of Quran. If they are unable to deliver the right message and fail to teach you, it’s as though we have failed in fulfilling our promise to all Muslims. Our teachers also got training from the organization for teaching. Our teachers have the training of 8years Islamic scholar course, memorization of Quran, in depth knowledge of Tajweed and Tarteel, well-experienced in teaching Islamic studies, training from the organization.

Our teachers teach according to the learning capability of every student. They teach to motivate the students to read Quran and Islamic studies in a friendly manner. Therefore, students get really attached to the teachers after spending some quality time with them . We follow CRB (Criminal Record Bureau ) policy. We ensure you that all our tutors are trust-worthy and teach under admin’s supervision.

How it works?

In order to take a course on our website, you will have to send us registration form available at Join Us page .We will get in touch with you to take a start for your desired course. We will provoder you with a well-trained and well-versed Quran tutor for one-to-one live class.

How would tutoring class take place?

Teacher and student come online on a fixed time. With help of telephony software, the teacher and the student interact to each other just like a telephone conversation but through computer and a screen sharing software makes them enable to see the same lesson on their respective computer screens .Teacher can highlight letters and words of the Quran to improve the understanding of the student.

What you need to get started?

    A personal computer/laptop.

    A Broadband internet connection DSL/Cable.

    A computer headset.

    We use skype ,a quality internet telephony software ,for voice conversation You will download it after submitting the registration form.

    Web-conferencing software will be provided when you will start your classes.You see your lessons on your computer screen during class with the help of this software.

Easy Quran provides you the easiest way to learn Holy Quran the Last Scripture of Almighty. Our Online Courses are prepared in such a way that every age person can learn it and complete it within time. How to register just contact us and we will get back to you.

Easy Quran Site is fully determined to teach The Holy Quran to its Muslim Sister and Brothers.